Chamberlain For Dunn: Worth It?

Two Yankees articles caught my eye this morning.   First, there’s this piece about Joba Chamberlain on, detailing the reliever’s struggles in the last couple seasons.   Then there’s a blog entry from River Ave Blues talking about how they would like to see Adam Dunn in pinstripes.   So I put two and two together, and thought about how an Adam Dunn for Joba Chamberlain trade would work out for us.   Keep in mind, this is just my thoughts, and it’s not based on any reports that this trade would ever happen.  

Anyways, would trading Chamberlain for Adam Dunn be a good deal for the Yankees?   On Washington’s side, I would think they would do the trade.   They’ve fallen out of contention, and they need pitching help.
efb309a191643cf372587a0c3eacff34-getty-97632831gf016_san_francisco.jpg  Joba is still only 24, and can be a starter or a reliever.   The Nationals may believe that a fresh start would allow the one-time phenom to reach his potential.   He may do better in a market where he’s not in the spotlight all the time.  

For the Yankees, Dunn would obviously slot in the DH role in the lineup that Nick Johnson has left open.   Dunn’s power would suit Yankee Stadium well, and his on-base percentage fits in with the team’s philosophy.   His strikeouts are a problem, but he does balance it by walks.   He can’t play any defense, so he would pretty much be limited to only a DH.   But like River Ave says, he will add a lot to the lineup.   He’s a Type-A free agent, meaning the Yankees would get a couple draft picks for him if he leaves in the winter.   And if he does well, the Yankees can bring him back for another 2-3 years, at around $15 million a year.   That’s not a bad price for someone still in the prime of their career.

The big question with this trade would be who slides into Chamberlain’s 8th inning role.   If this trade ever happened, the Yankees would need to make another trade to bring in another reliever.   The Yankees have some prospects, and they would need to dip in their system to bring in another player for the setup role.   The bullpen is the team’s biggest problem, and while getting rid of Chamberlain might be the best option, he’s not so bad that it’s addition by subtraction.   Putting Dunn in the lineup will make things better, but the Yankees would not be able to stop there, as they would be fixing one problem but creating another one.


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